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Are Earwigs Finding Their Way Into Your House?

If earwigs threaten your home, our three-part service plan will provide maximum protection for your family in an environmentally responsible way. Earwigs generally feed off plants and vegetables which is why they are commonly found in gardens. While they are mostly outdoor insects, Earwigs move into homes to find food or because of a change in weather. They usually wind up indoors while seeking shelter or just happen to wander inside through open doors or windows. Earwigs prefer cool, damp areas and may enter homes during extended dry periods.

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Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Home

Spraying the interior of the home will eliminate any earwigs on the inside and keep them from entering in the future. This includes spraying all the baseboards on the interior of the home. Treating the exterior foundation as well as around all windows and doors will keep any more from getting in.

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The Home Pest Control Process

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We perform both an exterior and interior inspection before we offer treatment. This inspection allows us to identify areas that need special attention, as well as recommend ways that you can help to prevent earwigs from entering and accessing your home.


We first perform an initial flush out treatment that includes a full exterior and interior treatment. We treat your foundation, around doors, eaves, and fence line. This will remove any nesting and breeding activity earwigs may currently have around the structure of the home, a dust treatment will also be injected into the gaps and opening into the wall voids to prevent earwigs from re-entering into the home and continually break-up the egg cycle.

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Our follow-up treatment takes place a month after the Initial Service. Now that your home have been purged of earwigs, we’ll return to apply a protective barrier to the outside of your house. This aims to break up the egg cycles and capture any surviving pests that made it through the Initial treatment. ensuring your home stays pest-free every season, all year long.

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“We have used Tribloc Pest Control now for about six months and couldn’t be happier. Rene is very professional and a really good person. Since having him here, we have had little to no bug issues whatsoever. No complaints!”

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“We have been using this company for over a year and love them! Rene is awesome 👏🏻. We only need bug service for outside (especially during summer) and whatever they use works really well!”

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“Tribloc accomplishes what others evidently can't. We have had several pest control companies, and was always having to call them to come back weekly. With Tribloc, we haven't once had to have them return between the regular scheduled dates. I highly recommend them!”

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“Triploc always does a good job of keeping bugs at bay in my yard. Very pleased with them.”

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“Love Tribloc. Rene is amazing. Friendly, on time and always does great service. If we ever have any pest issues in-between our 3 month service, he comes right out to take care of it!”

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When you take part in our Earwig Control service, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. At Tribloc, our earwig control plans are thorough, safe, and tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Because we are committed to providing you with unmatched service, we have developed a method that effectively eliminates and prevents pest infestations, and if pests come back between treatments, so will we — at no additional cost to you.

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